Expect More

Every Body Eat® exists to bring people together over a shared love of delicious food, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences. We believe every body deserves a seat at the table – literally and figuratively.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Our fearless founders, Trish Thomas and Nichole Wilson, only hear “opportunity” when other people may hear “no.” When these two tenacious women and their families were faced with their own dietary restrictions and food sensitivities, they set out to create delicious, clean snacking and meal options.

Expect Clean™

Our kitchen is clean. We pride ourselves in creating our food in an environment that is higher than the highest standards and free from the ingredients so many people struggle to avoid. Building our own kitchen from scratch wasn’t easy, but it was the right recipe to meet our standards; many “free from” food companies produce their products using contract manufacturers that may still pose a risk of cross contract from other allergens.

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