Trish ThomasCo-Founder + Chief Eating Officer (CEO)

Trish Thomas is a serial entrepreneur, problem solver, 4x founder, and lifelong mountain climber (the proverbial kind). She sold her first company four years out of college, built the first safe online community for kids, scaled a media company to distribution in 100 countries and 65 languages, consulted some of the biggest companies in the world on content and digital strategy, and currently teaches entrepreneurship at Northwestern University. On top of all that, she’s been raising two sons, four stepsons, multiple dogs, and a husband. (But, she actually thinks they’ve been raising her.)

The last thing Trish was going to do is let corn slow her down

When Trish started experiencing weight gain, hair loss, and fatigue, she thought it was a side effect of having her first baby. It wasn’t. It was an autoimmune disease that required a lot of medication to manage. When shrimp and red wine put her in an ambulance, she did some research and found that she slept, felt, and looked better when she cut out corn, dairy, and gluten. Gradually, and with the help of her doctor, she was able to wean off more than $2,000 a year of medications. It was a start, but it didn’t solve everything.

Trish decided to reclaim her seat at her table

This is the spark that started it all. After meeting fellow tastemaker and unstoppable mom, Nichole Wilson, they put on their combination entrepreneur and problem solver hat to start Every Body Eat® and make clean, delicious snacks—something big food companies had told them was “too difficult.” Together, they assembled a team to create delicious foods, without the top allergens or corn, that people could enjoy regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences.  

Along the way, they learned about the negative social, emotional, financial, and physical impact a special diet can have on a family – and that the #1 pain point for these families is sharing food with the people they love. 

From the other side of the table, meet Nichole

Nichole WilsonCo-Founder / President

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